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Smoking on the Wildwoods Archery Range is restricted to certain areas.

Smoking is allowed at headquarters/practice butts and the cook shacks Immediate areas only. Anyone smoking out on the woodsy range will be asked to refrain or go home. The Verdugo Hills are drying out very quickly from the Hart

Hi VHA Officers

VHA Monthly shoot start times change to 8:00a.m. in June per the VHA Constitution. It is set to beat the heat. I will resend this message again on the 1st. of June from the Hart

Hi VHA Officers

The VHA Monthly Field and Hunter Round will be on May 28th. Start time will be no later than 9:00a.m. Directly following the shoot the VHA will hold the Monthly Club Meeting. The CBH State Broad Head is scheduled for this same week end and Memorial Day is on Monday the 29th. A lot of stuff going down. The main point of interest is the condition of the bales and weeds growing on the Archery Range. I have it under advisement that target #3 has fallen over and was tied back up. It sounds like all the bales need to be re-banded and positions changed. (middle bale to the top ect:) Arrows are passing through. I hope there will be a report on the bales at the Meeting and a date to make the range safe. The NFAA and State Club Charter Agreement of $45.00 is now due.

The VHA 900 will be shot on May 20th. Starting time is no later than 9 a.m. Sign up with Eileen early and help set up if necessary. The PRA Oak Tree 3D will be shot on May 21st. Starting time is 9:00a.m. Pasadena always gives a good showing at Verdugo let us all try and make this one. The CBH State Broad Head will be at the Oranco Range on May 27/28th. The VHA Field & Hunter Rounds will be on May 27 & 28th. Start time will be no later than 9:00a.m. VHA Club meeting will start directly after the Field Shoot.

Hi VHA !

Just a reminder that all the equipment on the range belongs to the VHA or in some cases they go back to the original owner who volunteered his tools and body. With the new year coming up the VHA has several Offices to be filled. Per the VHA Board of Directors if there is only one nominated volunteer per office an election will not be needed. In cases like this it will save a lot of $$ in mailings. Back to the range! Some of the VHA members do not have pickups to haul targets around in. For years the VHA have had several trailers that were used for this cause. It has been brought to my attention there are one or two trailers missing?? One of the main trailers ( a 5foot by 8foot) 2 wheel, white trailer is nowhere to be found. It was donated by Bill Simpson to the VHA for the purpose; strictly, for VHA range events. It was the best trailer of the group and It appears to be missing??. This particular trailer is the smallest one of the group and is very handy to maneuver. If you know where this trailer is located please see that it gets returned to the Verdugo Hills Archery range. Any equipment on the range belongs to the entire membership and before it can be given away it must be voted on or discussed at a VHA Club Meeting. If you were told that you could have this trailer or any VHA tools or equipment please bring it up at the Monthly Club Meeting. With new Officers taking over the Monthly Shoots it is imperative to have all the VHA Trailers up and working. Without the use of the VHA Trailers the shoots may not go on!! ONE for ALL and ALL for ONE!! This archery club is for all of us to have the times of our lives. If you have any question please hit me up. from the "Hart"


Constitution and Bylaws with Recreation and Parks Permit

This Years Daze of Verdugo 3D shoot along with the Annual Chili Cook-off See The new Flyer on Home Page

Board of Directors Election in October

  1. Send your name to the Stag Editor if you want to be a candidate.
  2. Names must be in by August 29 to be in September Stag Newsletter.
  3. If you have a candidate statement send it to Stag by August 29.
  4. Names, nominations statements will be in the September Stag.
  5. Statements are not mandatory.


Summer shoot start time change

June 2017 the VHA Monthly club shoots will fall on the summer time start schedule 9.00am. Changes to no later than 8.00am Please make a note of this shoot start time changes


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